CrossFit Recovery: Getting Back to the Box

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When Kristin Flower first started CrossFit nearly five years ago, she did so at CrossFit Roux in New Orleans. CrossFit quickly became a huge part of her life, benefiting her overall health as well as evolving into one of her biggest passions. The advantages of CrossFit were massive. Being a diabetic, Kristin was able to keep her health in check by working out consistently and it wasn’t long before the exercise regimen became one of her favorite hobbies.

One Saturday morning, Kristin woke up in a lot of pain. She couldn’t move. Her arm was numb. She had lost full range of motion in her head and neck. After a few unnerving minutes, Kristin’s fiance was able to help her to the couch and she did what she always does in situations when she’s feeling pain: she texted Jonathan at Therapydia NOLA. Despite it being a holiday weekend and although he was away attending a seminar, Jonathan asked Kristin to send him a few videos demonstrating her mobility. Thankfully, he was able to give her enough advice and instruction to get her through the weekend without her “completely freaking out.”

The beginning of her CrossFit injury recovery was tough. Kristin spent two months basically confined to her couch. Once the pain began to subside, she was able to start moving again and with Jonathan’s help, she worked her way up from slow movements to walking to eventually coming back to the gym.

Kristin was incredibly surprised just how difficult it was to come back. With CrossFit being such a huge part of her life, she found that she wasn’t able to lift or perform the exercises that she was used to do doing for so long. That wasn’t going to work for her. With Jonathan’s help and her own resolve, Kristin powered through her CrossFit injury recovery even when it was really difficult. For her health and her own personal well-being, Kristin admitted that there were things that she wouldn’t be able to do but she was determined to figure out the things that she could.

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