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There are many benefits to regular exercises besides looking good. Regular exercise has been shown to help control weight, combat health conditions and diseases, improve mood, boost energy, and promote better sleep. Strength training is particularly important because it helps reduce sarcopenia, which is the degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass (up to 1% per year) after the age of 25. Benefits of strength training not only involve building muscle and losing fat, but also increases the strength of bones. It also plays a role in rehabilitating from several different musculoskeletal conditions, such as knee osteoarthritis, chronic tendinopathy, and after hip replacement surgery. Another key component to exercise is coordination training, which is important for balance, agility, and stability. In order to obtain the above listed benefits the American College of Sports Medicine recommends training 2-3x per week.
We believe it is important to assess your movement quality prior to designing a program for you. This is why each client will receive a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) administered by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The FMS is a series of seven movements designed to challenge mobility and stability within different movement patterns. The FMS aids in identifying movement asymmetries or imbalances which allows us to design the appropriate training program specific to each client.
Each session will include a dynamic warm-up, exercise instruction and demonstration, strength training, coordination training, and cool down. The program will be specific for each client’s needs/goals. We offer both individual and group classes. Class sizes will be limited to 6 per class in order to provide proper instruction. If you are looking to improve your performance or are just trying to become the best possible version of yourself Therapydia Nola is the place for you. Please call 504-224-9886 to schedule your appointment and let us help you achieve your fitness goals.

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