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Would like to say thank you. Therapydia staff is great. Very professional and caring. Making you feel better was always at the center and the focus. Also gave me tips on exercises that would help me feel better. Would definitely recommend Therapydia to everyone.

Jonathan was very attentive & kept in touch even outside of my appts to stay updated on my improvement. The exercises he gave me were super helpful & I enjoy all of my sessions with him! Can’t wait to get back to the gym better than before!

I’m pleased with the results I am having in a short time as a result of the treatment received from Therapydia. I can recommend with confidence that Therapydia will create a treatment plan that will likely give the same results that I am experiencing.

Recovering From Ankle Sprains and Pain

The chances of re-spraining your ankle are at least 30% and sometimes as high as 80% if the ligaments of your ankle are severely stretched and unstable. People who play sports are especially prone to ankle injuries because of the movements they engage in. Unexpected changes in direction and potential contact with other players when playing basketball, soccer, etc. leads to a risky environment for the ankles.

One of the primary goals of physical therapy is to re-educate your ankle’s sense of balance that was damaged during the injury. Special receptors in your ankles send information to your brain about how your ankle is positioned when you’re walking or moving. After an injury, communication between these receptors in your ankle and your brain is disrupted. Since the receptors are damaged, they can’t tell your body how your ankle is positioned. Your ankle may lose its sense of where it’s positioned relative to your movements (i.e. proprioception). This may leave your already injured ankle prone to instability since your body can’t balance it correctly.

Signs & Symptoms

    With weak glutes, your hips can drop out, and your knees can turn inward as you move. Once that happens, there’s more pressure put on your ankle to compensate for the imbalance—which increases the chances of a resprain.

    Physical rehabilitation for any ankle injury involves involves taking a full-body approach to treating your ankle. If you injured your ankle while participating in an activity you love, our physical therapists will help teach you how to control movements to eliminate the chances of re-injury.

    You may be experiencing:

    • Ankle pain
    • Ankle instability
    • Swelling
    • Difficulty moving the ankle or walking
    • Bruising

Why PT?

    Without properly treating your initial ankle injury in the first place, future ankle instability may lead to future sprains. It doesn’t come down to simply strengthening the ankle muscles. Retraining the way your balance system communicates with your brain is a key part of the physical rehabilitation process. Preventing an ankle injury involves strengthening the whole body so you aren’t as dependant on your ankles when you move.

    • Manual therapy to improve the ankle’s range of motion, prevent scar tissue buildup, and reduce any swelling in the joint.
    • Balance retraining and ankle stability training to help your ankle stay stable as you move around.
    • Custom exercises to strengthen the hips, gluteal, and abdominal muscles to give you more control when you move.

About Therapydia NOLA

Better Physical Therapy Experience

At Therapydia NOLA, our physical therapists offer one-on-one, hands-on treatment. You’ll spend your entire with one of our expert therapists – we won’t hand you off to a PT assistant or aide. With our manual therapy techniques and custom exercise programs, we’ll help you strengthen your ankle musculature and correct your mechanics to get rid of your ankle pain. We’ll help you understand what’s causing your pain, what you can do to relieve your pain and ways to prevent reoccurring injuries.
Best of all, you’re covered. Therapydia works with and provides billing for most insurance groups and Medicare. We also accept cash payments.

  • Lifetime Wellness
  • Hands-On-Care
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  • Jonathan Burke, DPT, MTC, CSCS
    Clinic Director
    and Physical Therapist
  • Whitney Braswell, DPT
    Physical Therapist

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