Elbow Pain Treatment

Elbow pain is a nuisance that frequently occurs as a result of muscle overuse. Common conditions like tennis elbow, which affects the bony area on the outside of the elbow, and golfer’s elbow, which affects the bony area on the inside of the elbow, are not exclusive to tennis players and golfers but can affect anyone. Pain occurs when the tendons attached to a bony point on the outside of your elbow experience small tears as a result of forearm overuse. When elbow pain is present, it’s important to pinpoint the source and reason for the pain.

What causes elbow pain?

Repeatedly using your wrist, hands, forearm, and elbow muscles while on the job or while participating in other activities can cause elbow pain. Playing tennis, golf, or sitting at a computer for too long with improper body mechanics can also contribute to elbow pain.

When should I seek treatment for elbow pain?

If you experience pain symptoms around the elbow or radiating down your forearm and wrist, it’s a good idea to seek out treatment. If you notice pain while holding a water bottle or turning a doorknob or experience weakness in any areas of the arm, you should definitely get the advice of a medical professional. Although some elbow pain will go away naturally, if left untreated, the condition can become chronic. Beginning treatment within the first few days of noticing elbow pain symptoms is crucial to adequately treating the cause of your elbow pain.

How can physical therapy help my elbow pain?

Your physical therapist will conduct a upper body analysis to pinpoint the source and reason for your pain. Although your elbow may hurt, the core issue of your problem could actually be elsewhere. To prevent elbow pain from returning, your physical therapist will build a plan of care that is unique to your body, goals, and frequent activities. They may incorporate other techniques into your treatment, such as:

• Manual therapy to mobilize the elbow and wrist joints.
• Custom exercises to strengthen the forearm muscle and decrease tendon irritation
• Movement education to improve form while conducting daily activities.

Physical therapists can provide the necessary tools to prevent and/or treat elbow pain, allowing you to return to your favorite activities pain-free and stronger than ever! To learn more about how to prevent elbow pain or to eliminate any current discomfort, book a physical therapy assessment today.

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