Run Analysis

I was skeptical about going to physical therapy but so glad I did. My therapist, Whitney has been wonderful in every way and is helping my knee problem. I am so very happy I decided to come to Therapydia.

– Susan T.

I was in pain for 2 years with an injury from working out. I have been seeing Whitney and Jonathan for a few months and I can say that I am pain free! Everyone at Therapydia Nola is fantastic! I never thought I would feel better, but they are so comforting and knowledgable. I would recommend them to anyone with any kind of pain or discomfort . I am so thankful to them!

– Rachel G..

Would like to say thank you. Therapydia staff is great. Very professional and caring. Making you feel better was always at the center and the focus. Also gave me tips on exercises that would help me feel better. Would definitely recommend Therapydia to everyone.

– Sac.

Video Run Analysis

Therapydia physical therapists understand your passion for running and are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Our physical therapists are biomechanics and musculoskeletal experts and we work with every runner on a comprehensive run assessment designed to identify running mechanics that may predispose a runner to injury and to create a custom plan to address any altered mechanics. We also help runners who are experiencing pain from overuse of muscles gain by improving their strength and teaching them methods to prevent future injuries.

Similar to life’s many potential paths, we will work with you to create a customized physical therapy plan that will incorporate multiple methods of treatments to find the combination that gets you back to the sport you love.

Recover From Run Injuries

    For runners looking to recover from their running injury, you will undergo a run assessment and range and motion examination for us to gather your current state. These will act as baselines of your recovery and by the end of your physical therapy treatment, we will assess the improvement is these functional areas.

    • This hands-on approach is the backbone of your running physical therapy treatment plan. With manual stretching, your physical therapist can help to mobilize stiffness in the ankle, foot and leg muscles and other connective tissues.
    • Custom exercises to improve weakened muscles due to injury including specific exercises to hips, core and lower extremities as based upon examination findings. Our physical therapists are trained in TRX and yoga which are great, low-impact wellness practices to incorporate in a injury recovery plan.
    • Balance retraining and ankle stability training to help your ankle, knee and lower limbs stay stable as you run.

Improve Pace & Form

    If you’re training for your first 10k or participating in your 10th marathon, it is important to stay injury free. We offer a specific run assessment and you will undergo a thorough exam of strength, flexibility, movement patterns and running form, combining current technology with other assessment techniques. Your run assessment will start with a video run analysis that will give us insight into your current gait and posture and will help us identify any areas that are at risk of injury.

    After reviewing findings with your physical therapist, you will receive a personalized assessment and plan. Whether you’re competitive athlete looking for the next endurance challenge, or brand new to the sport of running, our running assessment is customized for runners of all levels.

About Therapydia Metairie

Better Physical Therapy Experience

At Therapydia Metairie, our physical therapists offer private run analysis session. You’ll spend your entire with one of our expert therapists – we won’t hand you off to a PT assistant or aide. We’ll help you understand what’s causing your pain, what you can do to relieve your pain and ways to prevent reoccurring injuries. Best of all, you’re covered. Therapydia works with and provides billing for most PPO insurance groups and Medicare. We also accept cash-based payments.

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  • Whitney Braswell, DPT
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