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I highly recommend Therapydia. I have been a client since January 1, 2015, due to a torn bicep in my left arm, problems with my L4 – L5, and looking to getting back in shape. The expertise, therapy and the ambiance they provide are first class. The facility is very clean and very friendly. The majority of my healing process has been with Jonathan. Jonathan is a skilled and well trained in physical therapist. Jonathan has the knowledge to tailor my training to accommodate my injuries…and, would consistently check on my pain level and progress during training. In addition, if you’re looking for facility to be treated by a caring and knowledge therapist…as opposed to a therapist assistant or tech…then Therapydia is your place.

– Chris Y.

My therapy has greatly improved and enhanced my mobility and reduced back pain. It has been better than any medicine I have ever taken. I will recommend to all my friends and anyone who will listen. Thanks so much see you next time !!!

– Joe B.

I have had chronic neck and back issues for as long as I can remember. So far, this has been the only place that has relieved me of my pain and who showed me things to do at home to help myself. I am so happy that I chose to have my PT done by Therapydia Nola. Jonathan gives you the utmost attention during your session and his method of treatment is very easy to follow and the results are very positive. The atmosphere in the facility is very pleasant also.

– Cheryl C.

Get To The Root of Your Spine Pain

Your spinal area is made up of multiple bones, ligaments, muscles and nerves and helps to support many of your daily motions from walking to sitting. The most common areas of pain occur in the lumbar region (low back) and cervical (neck).

Your lower back bears a lot of weight and the lower two discs in your lumbar region have the highest chance of disc herniation. Your spine is made up of 33 bones stacked on top of another with a cushion, intervertebral disk, in between each one. The disks have a soft center and a tough exterior. Herniated disk, sometimes called slipped or ruptured disk, occurs when the soft center pushed through a crack in the tough exterior. When this occurs, it may touch nearby nerves that are tied to the legs and arms. That’s why a slipped disc can cause pain, numbness or weakness in an arm or leg.

Your neck supports the weight of your head – the weight of a bowling ball! – and neck pain is generally felt directly around the neck area but it could also be felt through the upper arm, shoulder blade, forearm, or hand. Neck conditions have the potential to become chronic if the source of the pain isn’t treated.

Signs & Symptoms

    Since the spinal region is made up of a complex network of nerves, where you feel the pain may not be the source of the pain. An acute pain is typically a sharp pain and was caused by some sort of trauma, whereas chronic pain, Depending on the source of your pain, your physical therapist will customize a treatment plan based on their findings.

      Causes of pain:

    • Nerves that surround the spine become irritated
    • Muscles surrounding your spine are strained
    • Bones, ligaments or joints in the area are injured
    • Sudden impact such as a car crash

Why Physical Therapy

    Physical therapists can assess movement patterns to determine the source of your spine pain symptoms and correct any movement dysfunction that they find. Treatment could include a combination of the methods below to address any muscular imbalance, nerve irritation or other spinal health concerns:

    • Joint mobilization and manual therapy: Hands-on techniques used restore mobility to any joints or tissues that may be restricted. PTs will remove restrictions from those muscles to reduce pain and retrain your movement patterns.
    • Custom exercises: Aimed to improve range of motion and strengthen muscles surrounding the spine. Besides your spine, areas of weakness could be in your hips, shoulders, and even the feet. Core strengthening exercises will also be key in reducing pressure from spinal misalignment in your back.
    • Postural education: Aids with elongating the spine to reduce pressure on your back. If your spine is misaligned, your physical therapist will adjust certain aspects of your posture so you can re-establish spinal symmetry as best you can.

About Therapydia NOLA

Better Physical Therapy Experience

At Therapydia NOLA, our physical therapists offer one-on-one, hands-on spine treatment. You’ll spend your entire with one of our expert therapists – we won’t hand you off to a PT assistant or aide. We’ll help you understand what’s causing your pain, what you can do to relieve your pain and ways to prevent reoccurring injuries. We’ll utilize the latest hands-on physical therapy to speed up your recovery. Best of all, you’re covered. Therapydia works with and provides billing for most PPO insurance groups and Medicare. We also accept cash-based payments.

  • Lifetime Wellness
  • Hands-On-Care
  • Quality Treatment
  • Jonathan Burke, DPT, MTC, CSCS
    Clinic Director
    and Physical Therapist
  • Whitney Braswell, DPT
    Physical Therapist

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