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March Madness

As triathletes, we spend time in the water doing endless drills to help improve our swim technique. We also prioritize single leg drills while cycling to enhance our pedal stroke efficiency. But what about running?

Running requires coordination, balance, motor control, rhythm and timing. Just like swimming and cycling, our running form is worthy of attention. Try this marching drill with these key factors in mind:

1. Maintain tall, upright posture
2. Perform reciprocal arm swing
3. Land with soft, flat foot
4. Do not grip floor with toes
5. Avoid excessive wobbling

Perform marching drill 1 to 3 minutes before and after your run sessions. To increase the challenge and progress this drill, keep your step rate in line with a metronome. Utilizing an external cue with varying beats can challenge coordination and movement adaptation. Metronome apps are available and easy to use on a smartphone. Start at 30 beats per minute (bpm) and increase by 15 bpm at a time. Spend 1-2 minutes at 3-4 different speeds at least twice a week.

30 Beats Per Minute:

45 Beats Per Minute:

60 Beats Per Minute:

Your running technique can benefit from drills that help foster improvements in single leg balance, control, and coordination of movement. Join March Madness and start incorporating some marching drills into your weekly routine.

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