Do you know the difference between soreness and pain?

The attached article describes the difference between soreness and pain. People often don’t seek help until they are experiencing pain that limits them from participating in their fitness regimen of choice. We can help you stay injury free on your path to becoming the best version of yourself.

Our bodies move in the path of least resistance, meaning if you have limited range of motion in one area of your body, another area will pick up the slack. This is often referred to as a compensatory movement pattern. Over time with increased training loads and volume this can lead to injury. By having a movement assessment performed prior to starting a fitness program we can help you restore movement patterns and decrease your injury risk while improving your performance.

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Snacks That Hydrate: For The Beach & Other Outdoor Activities


Packing snacks for the beach? Plans to do anything in the hot weather? Ditch the chips! We all know we need liquid hydration while soaking up the rays and building sand castles with our families, but there are also some foods that actually help keep you hydrated. I came across a small article today in a local publication that shares a few “Nutritional Hydration” foods. Here is the article!


Tasty Tuesday: Satisfy That Sweet Tooth With A Healthy Snack

Are you looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Don’t waste those calories on junk food! Try this recipe! These fried bananas are a great way to have sweet treat! They are also great with oatmeal for breakfast! Kids love them! Give them a try! Simple, tasty, and good for you!



Food For Thought Friday: Make A Simple Change

Today’s Food For Thought Friday is simple. A simple challenge to make one healthy food swap for a week. Perhaps carbonated water instead of a diet soda. Stevia instead of sugar or sweetener packets. Brown rice instead of white rice. Anything you chose, just one swap for one of your favorite unhealthy foods or drinks. Let us know how you feel next Friday!! That’s it!

Weighing In On Wednesday: Eating Well One Step At A Time

It has been said time and again that diets do not work! Short term goals can be met, but long term health is not. It is important to develop a way of eating that is both nutritious and easy to follow. This means you will most likely need to take baby steps and make small subtle changes over time. Doing it this way increases the likelihood that you will be successful! Meet with your doctor, discuss your specific dietary needs, and put your plan into action! The following is a fantastic article that explains how to make changes over time that will change the way you feel about “dieting”.


Tasty Tuesday: Homemade Dressings Are Better For You

Just because it is salad, does not mean it is healthy. What we put in and on our salads can make them almost as bad as eating a burger with all the toppings. Most store bought dressings are full of partially or hydrogenated fats (trans fats), sugars, and other nasty preservatives that our bodies do not need. Dressings are fairly easy to make at home, and by doing so you can control what goes into them based on your specific dietary needs. Here is a list of tasty Paleo dressings to try. I chose Paleo dressings because of their simplicity and lack of sugar content.

30 Paleo Salad Dressing Recipes

Movement Monday: Start Your Mornings Right

Running from the bedroom to the kitchen to pour a hot cup of coffee is not the ideal way to start your day. We think it is, and I can’t go more than five minutes of being awake before pouring the first cup. But after being sedentary for our hours of sleep, we should start our day with a few stretches, deep breathing, and hydration to get our bodies and our minds ready for whatever our day will entail. So instead of reaching for the coffee first, have some water and do these simple stretches to start your day off right and healthy. You can have your coffee afterwards!


Food For Thought Friday: Carbohydrates, Good or Bad?

In the last few years there has been some confusion created around carbohydrates. Several fad diets have been created telling us to kick the “carbs” but in actuality our bodies depend on carbohydrates to make the energy (or fuel) we need for body system support and energy. So “carbs” are actually very important to our health. With this being said, there are carbohydrates we need to avoid. Simple Carbohydrates are high in sugar and low in fiber, they can create an unhealthy glucose balance and unnecessary fat storage. Complex Carbohydrates are unrefined and filled with fiber. These keep our glucose levels in check and provide the energy we need when eaten properly. Educate yourself on the differences, read food labels, and know what you are putting into your body. Here are a couple of articles that give good examples and explanations of carbohydrates.