Tendonitis: The Best Solution Starts with PT

940 elbow painA tendon is a fibrous structure that connects muscle to bone.  Skeletal muscles are responsible for moving joints through ranges of motion that allow us to run, squat, jump, throw a ball and numerous other movements we perform throughout the course of a day.  When skeletal muscles contract they transmit force through the tendon which produces movement of the bones to which they attach.  Sometimes these tendons can become inflamed or irritated, causing pain with movement.  This condition is referred to as tendonitis.

Causes of tendonitis can vary, but it is often due to overuse.  This can be the result of beginning a new exercise regimen where one increases volume and load too quickly. This prevents the body from gradually adapting to the new stresses it is placed under.  It can also be the result of poor exercise technique.  Repetitive, job-specific duties such as reaching overhead, working on the computer, and using a screwdriver can all be causative factors of tendonitis.

Patients with tendonitis present with swelling over the involved tendon and pain upon muscle contraction.  Tendonitis can occur in any tendon of the body, but some are more prone to others due to their lack of blood supply.  The most frequent sites of tendonitis include the wrist, Achilles (heel), patellar (kneecap), shoulder, and elbow.

At the first onset of pain we brush it off.  Pain is not going to stop us from participating in what we love to do. We continue on to the point of wincing and grimacing in pain when we perform that particular movement that seems to be the culprit.  The pain has increased in such a fashion that you decide to modify your activity for a bit just to see if that helps.  In many cases, when the aggravating movement is not performed, the pain subsides.  After a week of rest (by rest I mean not performing the motion(s) that increase your pain), you decide it is time to return to doing what you love or your job if that is where this all started only for the pain to return.  At this point you are frustrated and looking for answers.  Physical Therapy can help you return to pain-free function.  By performing a thorough evaluation we can identify movement dysfunctions contributing to your pain.  At Therapydia Nola we work one on one with our clients to design a program specific to each individuals needs/goals.  We use a variety of techniques to aid in your recovery including joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, neural mobs, corrective exercises, and patient education to restore thoughtless effortless movement.


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