Weighing In On Wednesday; Children Need Active Play

How much time do our children spend in front of the television? Playing video games? Playing outside? I grew up in a generation where we didn’t head home until the street lights came on. And boy oh boy we had better be in the door within seconds of those lights coming on or we were in t-r-o-u-b-l-e!! But now a days, we have spoiled our kids with every gaming system on the market and unfortunately this has limited their active play. Those cool technical toddler games we start them with cannot and do not replace “play” time. Even the active video games, such as Wii Sports, do not give their bodies the physical activity needed to be and grow physically healthy. And as they get older they are less likely to participate in physical activity. So please, take them outside, teach them how to play kick ball, jump rope, ride bikes, hopscotch, etc…AND SAVE THE VIDEO GAMES FOR RAINY DAYS!




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